22. abril 2010

The right information at the right place

RFID plays a key role in swift and precise data identification

An efficient framework for industrial processes - particularly also with a view to energy input - calls for an intelligent network that can separate important data from unimportant data and provide the important data in real time. RFID systems are the key to success here, as they not only identify products automatically, but also integrate them directly into the IT infrastructure - also under difficult conditions, as encountered in the real world of industrial production and logistics.

HARTING offers Ha-VIS RFID Suite, a persuasive and powerful system platform for industrial applications.

Ha-VIS RFID is designed as a real-time system, so that the data can be processed without time delays if the various application worlds in the company (ERP, SCADA, MES, etc.) are synchronized. What makes this real-time processing so significant is that information that can actually be used for initiating subsequent processing can only be determined if there is a link between the data that is read and the original data.

In the real world, this means that, for example, pallet information in Goods Receiving has to be linked to a delivery order in the ERP system before a specific quality control inspection can be initiated. In particular, this is needed in order to prevent the network from being constantly overloaded with the immensely large data flows that would arise if the RFID Reader had to simply pass on all the data read each time to the target system. In fact, the portion of net data that is actually required represents only a fraction of the total amount of data read. Ha-VIS RFID consequently reduces the complexity and increases the efficiency in industrial processes.