23. janeiro 2012

Climate protection companies meet Minister of Economics

HARTING Board Member Dr. Frank Brode (5th from the right) met Dr. Philip Rösler, the Minister of Economics, (6th from the right) at the “Energy and Raw Materials” event.

The “climate protection companies” are pioneers and serve as models for other companies. They demonstrate that climate protection pays off. The HARTING Technology Group became a member of the initiative last year.

However, environmental and climate protection have been a key part of everyday working life at the company for decades. Energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly practices were firmly enshrined in the company philosophy in 1996.

The climate protection company was present with its own stand at the launch event of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce’s theme for the year, “Energy and Raw Materials”, in Berlin. Dr. Frank Brode, Management Board Member for New Technologies at HARTING and the representative of the other member companies, got the opportunity to speak to Dr. Philipp Rösler, the Federal Minister of Economics and Technology, and Hans Heinrich Driftmann, President of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, at the event. The climate protection companies have been recognized as ambassadors for energy efficiency and climate protection by federal government and the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce on account of their outstanding performance in terms of operational energy efficiency.

In his opening speech, Dr. Philipp Rösler set out federal government’s concept for a change in energy policy which is based on the key areas of extension of the energy network, construction of new power plants, expansion of renewable energies, an increase in energy efficiency and a strengthening of research capabilities. “This concept has a European dimension and requires the support of society as a whole. In this respect, HARTING is well positioned thanks to its sustainable energy concept and research on new technologies to replace vital raw materials and it will make a significant contribution,” explained Dr. Frank Brode.