24. agosto 2017

36 young individuals take first career step

The new trainees and dual-study students are greeted by HR General Manager Sonja Roth (left) and Training Manager Nico Gottlieb (right).

The HARTING Technology Group continues to maintain a high number of trainees. As of the start of the new training year, 36 young individuals will take their first big step towards their professional future. A total of 151 young people are currently being prepared for their future work in over 20 different training and dual-study courses.

"We’re pleased that a large number of graduates have once again chosen us. Qualified training is the best foundation for any professional future. For HARTING, qualified young talent is a prerequisite for the company’s continued successful growth and for strengthening its innovativeness”, said training manager Nico Gottlieb as he greeted the trainees and dual-degree students.

In addition to exciting tasks in the new HARTING Training Center (NAZHA), an originally 1,400 m2 facility which opened its doors in the summer of 2008 and which was expanded by a further 900 m2 in autumn 2015, young people can learn foreign languages, actively participate in trade fairs or create other exciting training projects which span multiple professional disciplines. In addition, they have the opportunity to temporarily manage "NAZHA Company", a fictional junior enterprise.

Some 13 adolescents and 13 young adults commenced their education or dual-study programme in a technical or commercial profession. Ten new trainees and dual-study students are pursuing commercial professions.

The names of the professional newcomers are: Kevin Banmann, Daniel Regehr, Mario Naska, Filipp Thies (tool mechanic); Alexander Haas, Philipp Schmitz (process mechanic); Jan Brüggemann, Johann Schatz, Patrick Unrau (cutting machine mechanic); Manuel Olfert (foundry mechanic); Jannes Kröker, Steven Wigowski, Christian Barg, Patrick Spenst (electronics technicians for automation technology); Mikko Thane (industrial mechanic); Akif Karaca, Fabian Kalmus (machine and system operator); Lena Hildebrandt, Collin Finkemeier, Gunnar Martens (mechatronics engineer); René Teichrib, Melanie Olfert (technical product designer); Luise Brauckmann, Luca Mülke (dual-degree mechanical engineering); Justus-Louis Steinhauer, Niklas Stollberg (dual-degree mechatronics); Daniel Nachtigall, Luca Baltruschat (dual-degree mechanical engineering); Dominik Meyer, Janek Kolhosser (dual-degree business engineering); Nils Kleinschmidt, Marvin Henßler, Fabian Meyer (dual-degree business IT); Alina Wehrmann, Veronika Haupt (industrial commerce specialist) and Andre Gieske (specialist in warehouse logistics).

The number of trainees has risen significantly in recent years, especially in technical professions. In 2007, HARTING trainees numbered 57, of which only eight were in technical professions. Of the current 151 trainees and dual-study students, 55 are in technical professions and degree programmes.