12. dezembro 2013

HARTING takes successful action against patent infringement in China

Patent infringements and plagiarism in China represent a major problem, especially for the manufacturers of branded products.

Following on from the case in the year 2010, the HARTING Technology Group has once again taken successful legal action against a Chinese manufacturer that had copied the company’s connectors. Subsequent to intensive investigations the Espelkamp headquartered company brought proceedings before the Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People´s Court on the grounds of patent infringement, as well as seeking action for cessation and compensation payment.

The respective court in Peking has now issued a judgment confirming the patent infringement and sentencing the manufacturer to abstain from the production and sale of the counterfeit products, as well as imposing the payment of compensation for damages incurred. The court action was raised by the company HARTING Electric GmbH & Co KG. 

The court decision is a further positive signal for the HARTING Technology Group, as it issues a warning to present and future patent infringers. HARTING is a globally active company, and has an especially strong presence on Asian markets. The Technology Group has been filing patents in China already since the beginning of the nineties. The court judgment passed on the current proceedings underlines the fact that intellectual property is also protected in China. In taking the recent action, the HARTING Technology Group has clearly demonstrated that it will defend and assert the rights to its intellectual property on an international scale with all available legal means, and will also do so in future.