13. outubro 2010

MicroTCA™ connectors for extreme environments

MicroTCA™ connector

The HARTING MicroTCA™ backplane connector passes the ruggedized environmental test according to the draft specification MTCA.3.


The PICMG, a leading standards organization for the communications, industrial and embedded computer industries, recently announced the successful completion of the “MicroTCA Conduction Cooled” testing. The MTCA.3 subsidiary specification of MicroTCA targets to defense and aerospace applications with extreme requirements for vibration, shock and temperature range based on MIL-STD-801. The goal was to show that the card edge connector system meets the stringent environmental requirements for the target markets. The test was performed by the independent testing and research company Contech Research.

In the test setup, a backplane equipped with HARTING MicroTCA connectors featuring con:card+ technology was used. After completion, the HARTING connector is now the first and currently the only MicroTCA connector recommended for a Conduction Cooled MicroTCA system. This test shows, that the MicroTCA hardware standard can be used in harsh environments and is also an viable alternative platform for industrial and transportation applications. The MTCA.3 specification is expected to be finalized end of this year. The final test results can be obtained freely at PICMG’s website, www.picmg.org, under the Resources section.


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HARTING MircoTCATM for Rugged Applications



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