16. março 2011

Network and Power

Ha-VIS eCon 4080-BPoE1

The Ha-VIS 4000 product family is now being extended to include Power over Ethernet.

The Ha-VIS 4000 product family of the HARTING Technology Group is now being extended to include Power over Ethernet. The Ethernet switches are designed for an extended temperature range (-40 to +70 °C) and meet the requirements of the EN 50155 and EN 50121-3-2 standards.

Thanks to the vibration-tested M12 interface, PoE users such as cameras and wireless access points can be integrated quickly and easily into the network. In addition to simplified installation – one cable for Ethernet and power – the use of unmanaged and managed switches enables two operating modes: plug and play when using the unmanaged
Ha-VIS eCon 4080-BPoE1 and plug and play including application-specific configuration of the PoE functions with
Ha-VIS mCon 4080-BPoE1V.

Thanks to the managed PoE switches, individual PoE devices can be booted up or shut down via a Web interface or SNMP without having to reset the entire network. This reduces waiting times and increases network availability.

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Ethernet Switch Ha-VIS mCon 4080-BPoe1V



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Ethernet Switch Ha-VIS eCon 4080-BPoE1



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