30. junho 2011

The Han® HC Modular 250 PE - A Safe Connection

Han® HC Modular 250 PE

Safe dissipation of stray currents – this is the specialty of the new HARTING Han® HC Modular 250 PE contact


The new HARTING Han® HC Modular 250 PE contact for high current applications makes it possible to safely dissipate short-term stray currents that arise. Like the Han® HC Modular 350 PE, it is used in cases where the protective equipment is implemented with pluggable PE conductors.

The contact with the compact and robust design can be used in the Han® HC Modular 250 holding frame instead of a power contact in various arrangements. The flexible configuration and arrangement make coding possible. A commercially available screwdriver is all that is needed for assembly and dismantling.

Han® HC Modular 250 PE

• Robust construction
• Low contact resistances between hood and housing
• Crimping zone in accordance with DIN EN 46235
• Compatible with the existing HC 250 holding frame
• Vibration-proof


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