30. junho 2015

Adapter allow more mounting options for Ethernet Switches

Ha-VIS MK3000 mounting adapters

The new Ha-VIS MK3000 mounting adapters open up greater scope in the installation of the Ha-VIS eCon 3000 Ethernet Switches. Thanks to the large number of different mounting options, there is no longer any limitation for the optimal integration of the switches in the field.

Adapters in various widths are available for simple attachment to walls and flat surfaces, for a flat attachment to the top-hat rail with lateral port orientation (vertical) and for flat attachment to the top-hat rail with port orientation downwards (horizontal). The integrated cable manager fixes the data cable directly at the switch. In this way the negative effects of external shock and vibration influences can be significantly reduced. Reliable and stable operation is thereby ensured, also in tough and demanding environmental conditions.

As another variant, a mounting adapter for the attachment of Ha-VIS eCon/mCon Ethernet Switches to a S7-300 profile rail is available. This mounting adapter can also be utilized with all other top-hat rail devices. The adapter is simply hung on the S7-300 profile rail and fixed with screws.

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