19. março 2015

The HARTING M12 with conduit still better protected

M12 connector with conduit

The well known and proven HARTING M12 connector protects the attached cable from external influences even better in the new “M12 with conduit” version. User benefits: the connector is ideally suited for tough applications in industrial scenarios.

The new solution with its IP protection class 65/67 can be readily applied in temperatures ranging from - 40° C to 85° C. In addition, the standard housing now features accomodates plastic tubing of a nominal 10mm width (NW10). This provides customers with the option of adding protection to applications by simply fitting a plastic tube.

The connector and the associated cable are joined with a reliable crimping method and can be supplied either as 4 poles (d-coding) or 5 poles (a-coding), both as plug and socket. In order to achieve the corresponding protection classes and provide strain relief, seals for various cable diameters from 4.5 to 8.8 millimeters are included in the package.

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Circular D-coded 4-pole female M12 connector with conduit

assembly instruction


380 K download

Circular male/female A-coded 5-pole and male D-coded 4-pole M12 connectors with conduit



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