02. novembro 2015

Gigabit interfaces for high mating cycles with Han-Modular® HMC

Han-Modular® HMC connector

The increasing modularisation of industrial facilities is leading to growing demand for connectors capable of handling high mating cycles. In addition to the transmission of power and signals, data solutions are also increasingly required. Han-Modular® HMC expands the product portfolio with two shielded data modules and offers customers data rates of up to Gigabit Ethernet Cat. 6A.

In addition to the base Han-Modular® HMC hinged frame, as well as a selection of modules and contacts for power and signal transmission, two additional modules in the modular plug connector have now arrived: the Han® Megabit HMC module and the Han® Gigabit HMC module are the newest members of the product family.

Both modules provide secure and shielded data transmission - at up to 10,000 mating cycles. An optimized surface in the mating area assures long-lasting and reliable performance.

The Han® Megabit HMC module can be deployed with megabit Ethernet Cat. 5e. This module is especially attractive in applications that, in addition to reliable data transmission, require very high robustness of the interface. The Han® Gigabit HMC module enables the use of Gigabit Ethernet Cat. 6A. This is ideal for the transfer of highly sensitive (bus) signals. As a result, the Han® HMC now supplies the three lifelines of industrial applications: data, signals and power.

Downloads Disponíveis

Han® MegaBit HMC Module 2x4 contacts


275 K download

Han® GigaBit HMC Module 8 contacts


344 K download