30. junho 2013

Ha-VIS RFID antenna adapts to every customer application

Ha-VIS LOCFILED® at an belt conveyor

HARTING is presenting the all-new, innovative Ha-VIS LOCFIELD® RFID antenna. It adapts to every customer application. An additional benefit for the customer: the compact antenna is ideal where space is at a premium.

Today, every package can be followed in real time. Here, RFID technology offers a multitude of options for increasing process security and ensuring optimal transparency. However, there is generally very little space available at belt conveyors. In addition, classical RFID antennas cannot map curved tracks. But today, traceability is the decisive criterion for customer satisfaction. Customers want to be able to track and trace production history.

With the new Ha-VIS LOCFIELD® RFID antenna, HARTING is offering the ideal solution. The new antenna requires a minimum of space. The antenna itself consists only of an industrial-grade coaxial line. The antenna cable is mechanically flexible and can therefore be installed and laid in any given shape. Consequently, the antenna can also be laid around the curves of conveyor belts, precisely according to the requirements of specific customer applications.