26. junho 2013

Han® 24 HPR EasyCon Mounting Frame

Han® 24 HPR EasyCon Mounting Frame

The Han® 24 HPR EasyCon – the joy of contact

The split hood of the Han® 24 HPR EasyCon creates an "open system" that significantly simplifies the connection of shielded cables. During assembly - thanks to a newly developed cable gland - the cable screening braid can be connected simply, rapidly, securely and, most of all, in a visible manner. A modular support frame concept permits the use of standard high-current contacts – the Han® HC Modular 650 and Han® HC Modular 350.

HARTING Technology Group has further expanded the contact possibilities of the Han® 24 HPR EasyCon. Four additional support frames permit easy mounting of the Han® HC Modular 250 standard high-current contacts. The stainless steel holding frame consistently meets all the relevant requirements of the Han® 24 HPR EasyCon product line. Coding, for example, can be arranged by rotating the contacts in the mounting frame.

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