27. junho 2012

HARTING Ha-VIS Dashboard:

HARTING Ha-VIS Dashboard en

Central management of IP-based communication networks

These days, complex Ethernet networks are standard in many fields. Yet, despite the intelligent system components, it is not easy to retain an overview of the entire network - therefore the need for central operating and management software. The HARTING Ha-VIS Dashboard provides precisely this functionality. It was specially developed for the monitoring, installation and servicing of IP-based communication networks. Up to 256 network devices can be detected and managed. The application areas range from network infrastructures in industry to extensive areas in energy technology and all the way through to transportation applications.

The Ha-VIS Dashboard detects manageable network members and can automatically map the network topology. The intelligent HARTING network components can be monitored and managed centrally. In addition, the software operates with network devices produced by other manufacturers. The Ha-VIS Dashboard makes it possible to configure detected network devices centrally via the web, SNMP, Telnet or SSH interface. Events such as link down detection are automatically detected and can trigger configurable actions, for example notification by e-mail. In addition, the Ha-VIS Dashboard provides analysis services for the simple monitoring and management of Ethernet networks. The network load can be retrieved cyclically port by port for selected connections and then mapped in a diagram.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Central management of managed Ethernet devices
  • Ethernet network monitoring
  • Event and alarm management
  • Performance monitoring

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