24. outubro 2012

HARTING Han® E Module

Han® E Module

Time-saving and easy assembly with Han-Quick Lock® termination technology

A new version of the Han® E Module from HARTING is now available complete with Han-Quick Lock® termination technology. This further refinement of the established module with crimp terminals features HARTING-patented engineering.

Assembly is a time-saving and simple process needing no special tools. This also makes the Han E® Quick Lock Module ideally suited to on-site assembly in field locations. Contacts are reliable and vibration-resistant, ensuring maximum safety also in demanding applications in industry and transportation engineering.

The electrical specification of the new Han E® Quick Lock Module with 6 contacts, designed for 16 A and 500 V, matches the data of the established module with crimp terminals and has 100% connection compatibility.

With this, the HARTING Han-Modular® series expands the product portfolio by a further variety with the new termination technology to accompany the existing Han® DD and Han® EE solutions.

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Datasheet Han® E Quick Lock Module


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