03. julho 2017

Higher cable cross-sections in compact Han-Eco® size

Han-Eco® hoods

The Han-Eco® series has two new members. Two new hoods in sizes 6 B and 10 B with M40 cable entry enable the user to take advantage of larger cable cross-sections and more cabling space while maintaining compact size. The customer can thus transfer more power in the same installation space.

Power transmission in particular requires large cable cross-sections. At the same time, there is often a requirement that the interface in the available space be compact. The two new Han-Eco® hoods offer the optimal solution. In a small space, up to four modules from the Han-Modular® series can be accommodated compactly. The M40 cable entry provides enough space for appropriate cabling, even in the high-current range.

The Han-Eco® 10 B enlarged hood offers significantly more cabling space than the standard type. The lengthened hood can meet even demanding cabling requirements in its interior. Cumbersome solutions with adapters and/or extensions can be avoided. Ultimately, this saves the user time and money.

In addition, the main advantages of the Han-Eco® series have been retained: the light plastic connectors are extremely easy to install, corrosion-resistant and offer the customer flexible assembly possibilities. The integrated frame as well as an optionally enclosed cable gland reduce the number of items that need to be used.