28. outubro 2013

New Gigabit cabling components for PROFINET solutions

New PROFINET Cabinet Cord from HARTING

Powerful PROFINET cabling is the backbone of any automation solution employing PROFINET. Until now, all PROFINET solutions have been designed based on Fast Ethernet with 100 Mbit/s. In the future, PROFINET will also work in conjunction with a Gigabit Ethernet platform. Your advantage: All of the familiar Fast Ethenet RJ45 PROFINET cabling components are now available in a Gigabit Ethernet version.

In the future, PROFINET will also work with a Gigabit Ethernet platform. This will in turn offer more variety and performance, is faster and gives users the option of incorporating standard Gigabit devices in their PROFINET solution. This will also see the cabling go from four wires to eight.

For RJ45 wiring, HARTING has defined the so-called modularity principle in a HARTING factory standard. This guarantees the mechanical compatibility of the RJ45 connector with the various IP65/67 housings such as the Han® 3A or PushPull V.14 (AIDA interface).

For PROFINET users, this means that all of the well-known four-wire RJ45 PROFINET cabling components are now available in an eight-core version. In combination with HARTING quality, the PROFINET standard guarantees users ease of handling and a reliable network over the entire life of their PROFINET solution.

In addition to the already well-known PROFINET cabling components such as type A, B or C cables and connection technology based on RJ45 or M12, eight-wire cabling has also added a new element – the control cabinet cord.

This RJ45 system cord newly defined by the PNO is specially suited for use in control cabinets and IP20/30 environments. It features an eight-core design and is fashioned from an AWG26 cable. This gives it significant flexibility, making it ideal for space-saving installation even for short links or connections that can only be achieved through tight bending radii in the cabinet.

HARTING offers a wide range of these control cabinet cords. They are fully assembled, while the RJ45 connectors are overmolded with DualBoot® technology, are designed to be extremely robust and are tested in the factory. HARTING is at the same time expanding its range of four-wire PROFINET system cords. Robust design and reliable transmission quality are in the foreground here as well.

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New Gigabit cabling components for PROFINET solutions

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