21. julho 2014

OPC UA as communication standard for auto-ID devices

HARTING is pushing the use of OPC UA as communication standard for auto-ID devices.

In the framework of a working group of the AIM association (association for Automatic Identification and Mobility) HARTING is working intensively on a definition of a companion specification. This companion specification defines the information model of auto-ID devices.

With this definition the communication with auto-ID devices will be much easier and the integration process of different devices will be faster. In addition the use of OPC UA makes the communication with third party devices like PLC easier for auto-ID devices. Because nearly all the big companies of the automation sector are supporting OPC UA or will support OPC UA in the future.

Interoperability is one of the major points inside the Industrie 4.0 philosophy – which HARTING likes to actively shaping. The standard OPC UA is fulfilling the requirements because of its variety of benefits like scalability, security aspects, platform independents, etc..

The AIM association in cooperation with the OPC Foundation likes to present a first draft of the companion specification for auto-ID devices at the Hannover fair 2015. This is an ambitious goal – which HARTING likes to support.

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