02. novembro 2017

RF-R3x0: UHF Reader offers flexibility in deployment

schematic UHF RFID-Reader RF-R3x0

Whether a simple PLC connection, the integration of signals with an ERP system, or a connection to a train control system, today’s requirements on an RFID system are manifold with regard to software as well. This situation spurred HARTING to develop a versatile new UHF RFID reader that can be deployed in any number of scenarios.

Here, software flexibility is paired with an extremely robust and compact design. Thanks to M12 connectors and aluminium die-cast housings, even the demanding requirements made in railway applications are met. Thanks to the flexible software concept, a few clicks are all it takes to make the adjustment to extremely different applications.

The UHF RFID reader is based on the four basic versions:

  • LLRP 1.1 also for connection to the HARTING Ha-VIS middleware
  • OPC UA support per the Companion Specification for Auto ID Devices for uniform connection to ERP and PLC systems (interface description available at info@AIM.de or from the OPC Foundation)
  • Modbus TCP for easy connection to PLC systems, also suitable for communication with older PLC systems
  • Embedded middleware for complete standard-based data preprocessing. Various communication facilities such as web services, database connections, UDP and TCP telegrams are available here for configuration.

This makes it very easy to create additional project- or industry-specific solutions. Thanks to the software container concept of the HARTING MICA® which serves as the basis of the new Ha-VIS RF-R3x0 reader family, there are virtually no limitations here. Whether HARTING’s own extensions, e.g. the interpretation of the sensor data from a HARTING ETB sensor transponder or extensions created by system integrators – the diversity of applications knows no bounds.

For an easy start to a new project, the Ha-VIS RF-R300 contains all the basic functions listed above for testing. These can then be activated or licensed in application-specific manner.