13. março 2014

Versatile RFID transponders for optimal performance


Robustness, temperature resistance, high protection class, performance in difficult environments – these are the outstanding features of the Ha-VIS RFID VT 86 (HT) RFID transponder, which is a successful member of the HARTING product portfolio.

The legal and local regulation of the frequency bands that have been released for use represents a challenging aspect of UHF RFID wireless technology. Currently, two frequency bands are of relevance: the EU-band (865-868 MHz) and the US/ASIA band (902-928 MHz). A transponder which successfully functions within both frequency bands qualifies the product for global use. Since the Ha-VIS RFID VT 86 (HT) transponder was designed for the aviation industry, the transponder can be deployed worldwide.

In other applications relevant for HARTING, e.g. MRO scenarios (maintenance, repair, operations) in industrial environments, transponders are frequently used exclusively on-site. HARTING now offers this field of applications RFID transponders from its Ha-VIS RFID VT series, which are designed and optimized for the respective band in use. The result of this optimization is a significant increase in read ranges with no impact on minimal design size.

Another market trend in the "Industry 4.0" field is the demand for RFID transponders that are capable of recording and storing extra information. An example of this type of application is the documentation of the maintenance history of a safety-critical object.

Innovative development work by the HARTING Technology Group has now brought a new variant of the Ha-VIS RFID VT series to the market that is characterized by high user memory of more than 3 kbit – all while continuing to withstand rugged everyday industrial demands.

You will find more up-to-the-minute information on the HARTING RFID homepage at: Ha-VIS RFID VT Series (HT)